Pick best wedding venue for your D-day with below tricks

By Admin 2019-11-16

Who doesn’t like to make their most important day to be a grand affair? Of course, many of us would like to have those Yashraj kinds of sets and heavy Bhansali’s dresses. But the important factor of entire wedding revolves around the venue.

Soon you exchange rings, the very first thing crosses everyone’s mind is a challenge of planning the D day. Beginning with a set budget, it is cumbersome part of event. Instead of starting with a handsome amount and left with no amount to achieve dream wedding, this blog will help you achieve your dream wedding.

a.      Get in touch with planner first: Before you begin looking for places, talk to planner. This is because planners are familiar with space, layout along with time and items to transform.

b.      Is selected venue available on your wedding date: Make a list of your preferred venues and check the availability of the venue on your fixed dates. This is because venues do have long waiting list. Hunt for the place for your desired date and it will help you to narrow down your list.

c.      Pick the one which aligns your vision: This is obvious but look for the space that fits according to your aesthetics. You must have thought of a theme for your important event.

d.      Any restrictions: It is really important to understand the imposition of any restrictions. For an instance you might have planned to bring your favourite restaurant caters but many of the venues won’t let you to have your caterer. So, confirm with the venue management about such restrictions initially.

Apart from the above main points, keep in mind about the venue’s capacity to accommodate your estimated guest list, hidden charges, venue lighting and basic amenities are satisfactory or not. It is your important day so make it a worthwhile.